About Us
Shifting the
Status Quo
We offer a comprehensive suite of products designed to meet the privacy needs of crypto transacting businesses and their customers.
Our product suite ensures any business’s treasury, wallet balances and transaction details remain confidential and are not exposed to contractors, employees or malicious actors.
We bring such businesses into line with the privacy standards of traditional payment systems.
Who we are
We are mission driven, dedicated to building leading privacy infrastructure for blockchain. We build the industry’s pre-eminent product suite of transactional privacy tools for organizations and their communities.
Why we exist
For crypto to integrate into mainstream financial systems, compliant privacy needs to exist. We do just that, by offering chain agnostic privacy infrastructure that is easy to use, safe and regulatory compliant.
What we do
We offer products that are safe and easy to use in applications using crypto payments. Critical financial information is no longer exposed when transacting, making essential business functions private and secure.
Our Mission
Our mission is to bridge the gap between the public nature of blockchains and the need for secure and confidential transactions in the crypto ecosystem.
Cutting-edge technology ensures the highest standards of privacy and compliance are met. Privacy and security go hand in hand, that's why we're dedicated to delivering both to our customers.
Web3 Privacy Reimagined.
Enhanced privacy on your terms.